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Fast Track Communications LLC

Here is a brief description of how to get your career started with Fast Track Communications, LLC as an Independent Contractor!

  • Log into, create an Agent Profile and complete Background Check ($30).

  • Complete and Pass Voice Assessments.

  • Once background approval is received you will Select to Join an IBO.

  • Use IBO ID 81762.

  • Upon approval you will then select the Client that you want to service and complete their Assessments.

  • This process may take a few days for Client to approve then you will pay for the Client course.

  • 2 Phase Training.  Phase 1 is Training (unpaid) and Phase 2 is Certification (paid).

  • Pay ranges between $9-13.00/hr depending on client serviced (Arise $19.95 platform fee per pay period).

  • Monday-Friday Flexible Training is to be completed at your pace with 3-4 hours of instructor led time.

  • Service a minimum of 25 hours weekly.  No limit to the max hours you choose to work.​​​


****If you desire to service an additional

client the pay increases by $5.00/hr. for that additional client. Any additional courses will require

that you maintain an average of 15 hours minimum for the additional client added.****


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