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Fast Track Communications, LLC offers many logistics services from leasing authority, dispatching, compliance and business development.  We provide services with top companies such as Amazon, USPS and many others. 

Loading Semitrucks


Do you have a Tractor and are looking to lease on so that you can run over the road?  Fast Track Communications, LLC would like to bring you onboard if you are loyal, dedicated and trustworthy.  We offer a fair split to add your Tractor or fleet on to our authority.

Phone Operator


If you would rather focus on delivering loads and not locating them, we offer a 10% commission charge to locate loads and dispatch them for you.

Colleagues at Work


We provide full business services for any startup company.  You can choose a full package or a la carte of services.  Services are incorporation, EIN, USDOT, Motor Carrier or Broker Authority, Highway Use Tax 2290 Form, UCR, BOC-3, IFTA, IRP.

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