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Executive Assistant

Atlanta, GA, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

What you’ll be doing

Team Productivity Management – You will be our CEO’s main productivity partner, and help our entire executive team be as productive as possible. Working with the leadership team, you will research and implement best practices, and leverage the best technology, to optimize schedules, enable efficient communication, and free up valuable mind space. You will help the team stay focused on longer term Strategic Imperatives while helping us accomplish daily priorities. You will be the one that constantly reminds us that being busy is not the same as being productive and hold our team accountable.

Stakeholder Relationships and Communication – Help our CEO keep CARBICE employees, investors, and communities informed about the great things happening at Carbice and create opportunities for them to deepen their engagement in our mission and journey.

Community Program Management – We care deeply about our Atlanta community, and you will help bring this to life in focused programs at our Atlanta Headquarters, and in surrounding neighborhoods. You will collaborate with our team on program designs and goals and own the budget and execution that makes it happen. This won’t take a lot of your time but the positive impact on human life will be large.

Event Planning – From time to time we will celebrate our customer’s success, the flags we help them plant, and the contribution of our team. You will plan these amazing events, help us get the word out, and pull them off with flawless execution.

Carbice Magic Culture Ambassador – Culture is what you do. We love our Carbice Magic Culture and focus on teaching, learning, and personal growth to achieve our business goals. You will be a key part of our executive team’s mandate to drive clarity and excitement around our values and mission.
Helpful traits

You get excited about challenges and solving problems – The opportunity and growth at CARBICE is huge and moves fast. As a result, we encounter a lot of challenges and problems to solve individually and as a team. You’ll be someone that sees challenges as opportunities to improve.

You juggle different tasks with ease.

You are a professional yet know how to make people feel comfortable and have fun.

You have good judgement, and your character shows that you always make the right decision.

You get along with all people and you are confident to speak up even if you disagree with people.

You appreciate Atlanta culture and people so it’s easy to see potential opportunities in the community.

You pride yourself in being early to meetings and never late.

You value organization so much that it is necessary for your success.

You are a giver, not a taker. And you approach situations from a point of contribution.

You are a fast learner and you never miss the details.

Experience – You’ll have a bachelor’s degree and some valuable experience as an executive assistant, administrative assistant, program coordinator or manager, outreach manager, event planner, communications, or marketing manager.


  • Ideal Candidate: 

  • * 3+ years of experience as an Executive Assistant 

  • * Candidates with experience in a Corporate Environment is highly preferred 

  • * Experience with Community Engagement would be a plus 

  • * Adaptable, Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, Ability to get things done 

  • * Eager to learn, Fast learner 

  • * Candidates with an interest in this industry

About the Company

We are taking the material science we’ve worked on for over 15 years to market. Our carbon nanotube (CNT) technology is a game changer for multiple industrial applications. And we are the only company able to manufacture affordable CNT solutions at scale. As a result, CARBICE is already being used by multiple companies across multiple categories: high-performance computing, consumer electronics, and satellites that are orbiting Earth.

The only missing piece: You. We are building a team that will shape Carbice, educate customers, excite all stakeholders, and execute flawlessly. Our goal is to be a thriving participant in the Atlanta community and a globally recognized brand.

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